Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Barbaric lathicharge by CISF personnel on the striking workers of Rajmahal (ECL)

The state brutality on the belligerent Coal workers shows the real intention of the Government

IFTU and KMKU strongly Condemns and opposes the barbaric lathicharge by CISF personnel on the striking workers of Rajmahal (ECL) at the behest of Management in which at least three workers are seriously injured and have been hospitalised

As it is well known, the Coal India workers are on five days strike from yesterday 6th January 2015. Today was the second day of the strike. Although there is no doubt that the central trade unions that are behind it are in consonance with the basic direction of liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation on which the Modi Government. is moving with full speed and they are hand in glove with it (the Modi Govt.) so far as the implementation of the basic direction is concerned, yet the workers struggle or strike, even if led by pro-capitalist and pro-Government unions which continue even for a short period, generates a lot of heat, hatred and panic among the bourgeoisie and its lackeys. Today’s incident at Rajmahal colliery where striking workers have been brutally lathicharged and many of them are injured is just the outcome of this situation. It is true that the workers struggle in any form or led by any force be it revolutionary or reactionary generates a lot of anxiety among the capitalists. Even a strike led mainly by BMS, a RSS/ BJP affiliated trade union, is bound to become intolerable for them, if it anyhow embraces within it even a part of workers' sentiment, sympathy and initiative. The very unfolding of workers' initiatives on truly working class issues is dangerous! After all workers are workers and their demands are after all the demands of a class which is the gravedigger of capitalism!! How can the capitalists and its state machinery tolerate them even if led by their darlings and hirelings!!! This is the basic difference even between the partial struggles of the proletariat and those of other propertied classes. The brutal lathicharge on striking workers of Rajmahal todays has amply proved it once again.

Let us all, one and all, come forward to condemn, oppose and resist the above ghastly incident and come to resist all the way on the road any possibilities of further brutalities to be let loose    


We know that the Modi Government is different from UPA II Government. in the sense that apart from being an out and out a reactionary government with sweet words as promises for the people while delivering the real benefits to the capitalists. It has proved the old English saying “A honey tongue, a heart of gall” true for the working class.

One of the leaders of BMS was yesterday talking to a TV reporter that BMS and other TUs were not consulted before bringing into force the Coal Ordinance. How strange! Has this strike been called just because Modi didn't talk to and take into confidence BMS and other TUs? How could the dreaded Coal Ordinance have been different if Modi had managed some time to talk to the representative of trade unions? Is this the reason that the Strikers' leaders didn't include in the charter of demands a straight forward demand to "scrape the Coal Ordinance"? Not only that, no word has been said about labor laws reforms! 

In ECL, no ground preparation whatsoever was taken up to make the call of five days strike a success. Same would have been the situation elsewhere too. However workers in most areas took the call seriously in WCL, BCCL, ACCL etc simply because they understand the danger and the impact that this dreaded coal ordinance would have on their life and livelihood. It is equally true that the workers can't  win their struggle and get the whole process of LPG rolled back unless and until they come out of the influence of these pro-capital and revisionist-opportunist and white collar central TUs and launch a decisive struggle leading to an all-out effort to get the Government and capitalist class kneel down before them. And such a struggle, which is of course the need of the hour, is out of question until and unless such Unions are ousted from the wkg class sphere/areas or at least cornered to a larged extent. This must not be forgotten and lost sight of. 

Workers and Comrades! For a decisive struggle, unite as a class around an anti-capitalist organization!

Let us wrest the leadership of the workers movement from the lackeys of capital           

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